Anti-Spam Policy

Greetline supports responsible connectivity and does not tolerate unwanted calls and messages, and considers them as spam.

By subscribing to the Greetline contact center, the User agrees not to use the platform to make unwanted calls or send misleading or spam messages. The User agrees to comply with Greetline’s Anti-Spam Policy and accept Greetline’s Terms and Conditions upon signing up to the platform.

How Greetline Enforces Anti-Spam Policy?

  • Greetline tracks spam calls and messages.
  • Violations of Greetline’s Anti-Spam policy may trigger a warning or termination of the User’s contract with Greetline.
  • Users must not make unwanted or spam calls or send unwanted or spam texts for any purpose.
  • Greetline is strictly compliant with all the state and national regulations regarding Spam/Unwanted texts or calls.

Content of Text Messages

  • Our clients must use accurate headers and relevant content in the messages. The “From” and “To” or “Reply-To” should be accurate.
  • The sender needs to be clearly identified.
  • The preview text should accurately reflect what is inside the message. It must not be deceptive or misleading.
  • The message needs to tell clearly whether it is an advertisement.
  • There should be no vulgar, offensive or illegal content, prohibited by applicable law or against Greetline’s Terms and Conditions.

Opt-Out Policy

Users should have the freedom to remove themselves from the client’s lists by texting ‘Unsub’. Each message should have an unsubscribe link.

Agreement Violations

  • Users must not abuse the service and use it to send Spam.
  • Users must not abuse the service and use it to send Spam. Greetline reserves the right to issue a warning or take action against the User, if spamming is found or if there is confirmed use of the Service for illegal or abusive, or any other unauthorized purposes
  • Greetline reserves the right to terminate the User’s Account without notice and/or reporting the User to their ISP and authorities concerned. The User shall be liable for the damage suffered by Greetline or any third party involved in the wake of noncompliance with this Anti-Spam Policy

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